Operation Updates

         Hello!          Anne here, with a bit of an announcement.
4 months ago we shut down 1) because there was a pandemic and 2) we decided a pandemic was a decent time to replace our truly awful floors. We are, historically, a cursed enterprise and even after it was acceptable to allow people inside a business, our flooring project continued. It was a project riddled with disasters and minor setbacks and endless irritations. I began to exist within a floorless existential void. What is time? What are floors? Is it possible for things to not be coated in construction dust? While time is still questionable, and we’ll be combating the dust for eternity, our floors are a solid concept once again.
Did you catch that?
We have them.
The shop is mildly in a state of disarray while we find proper homes for everything, but it’s all here, inside, on ground that is miraculously physically real. You, too, may now come inside and experience floors, as well as the architectural wonders that are walls and ceilings.
Our hours will remain 11-6 every day for the time being, and we still offer curbside pickup, so you are welcome to continue to shop through our website and place orders online. However, we understand that many of our products are best inspected in person, so we are absolutely thrilled to let everyone back in to browse and shop like “normal” - with masks and a good coating of hand sanitizer, naturally.
Okay, Okay, but what about playing those marvelous, browseable things?
Quality and consistency of stock, cleanliness, and community form the core of our small business. Beyond those requirements, we have always put playspace first, because we truly believe tabletop gaming is good for you. I’ll spare you, my steadfast reader, from a lengthy digression here into the value of gaming in education and childhood development, the importance of healthy socialization, and my personal mission to make a luxury industry more accessible. Those are all lectures for another day. The point is, from the beginning, the majority of our square footage has not been retail. It was not uncommon on a Saturday for the shop to have more than 70 people inside, engaged in different tournaments or casual games in every corner. We love that whenever someone is new to any town, they know they will find friends at the local game store. We exist for and because of our amazing gaming community, and it is the cruelest irony that our commitment to this community now prevents us from allowing in-store play.
The CDC considers a close contact, for contact tracing purposes, “anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from 48 hours before the person began feeling sick until the time the patient was isolated.” We've looked at all the angles, considered everything we can do to mitigate risk, and no matter what we dream up… if someone is contagious, and playing in our store, it is likely to spread.
There really isn’t an eloquent or nice way to put it - we simply refuse to endanger the lives of our customers or staff. We don’t yet know the long term consequences of Covid-19, including for the cases that have been relatively benign. If a single person gets sick from spending time in our store, that’s a tragedy. We would rather be open in a limited capacity to provide something than unnecessarily jeopardize store operations altogether. We also have the greater community to consider - if someone on staff is sick, there’s a chance we all are, and if I’m sick, there’s a chance for me to get my coworkers at Manhattan Public Library sick. I work in the Circulation department, and if that department has to shut down then the library stops.
Our pivot in operations is temporary, we promise. We wish we could give a timeline to get back to that noisy and ridiculous atmosphere we thrive on. We miss your faces. But we’re not out of the woods yet. We are anxiously awaiting the return of students in the fall - both to K-State and USD383 - we’ll see what the numbers look like then.
In the meantime,
Stay safe. Stay sane. Keep gaming.

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